Non-Porous Pure Silicon 5nm thick TEM Windows ( Single 25 micron square)

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5 nm, 9 nm, 15 nm, and NANOPOROUS

NOTE: US100-P30 replaced US200-P15. P30 Membranes are 3X more porous than P15. P15 is still available by special order.



SiMPore’s Non-Porous 5 nm TEM Windows
Amorphous Pure Silicon
– 5 nm thick membrane
– 100 micron thick frame, fits 3 mm sample holders
– NEW Dimension: (1) 25 x 25 micron window

What’s NEW?
We are offering a grid with a single window – just 25 microns (+/- 5 microns). This is used in a number of unique applications such as single pore DNA sequencing where an ion beam is used to drill a hole in the membrane.

Smaller single window grids (down to 10 microns) can be fabricated through our custom program. Please contact us for more information.

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Note: Non-Porous films are lightly wrinkled with approximately 5 microns or less deflection across 100 microns of travel. This is typically not problematic for high-resolution Imaging.


TEM Windows handling Instructions

Read more about the unique combination of enabling Features and Benefits of Pure Silicon.
Explore how the Technical Properties Technical Properties  of SiMPore’s Pure Silicon windows compare to other thin films
For examples of how these TEM windows can be used, please see Featured Publications
Nanometer Thinness: Thinner than the thinnest available carbon grids
Plasma Cleanable: Pure Silicon TEM Windows can be vigorously plasma cleaned to remove organic contamination, unlike carbon grids
Increased Uniformity: Reduced field-to-field variability
Increased Stability: At high beam currents and high annealing temperatures (600C for non-porous, >1000C for nanoporous)
Reduced Chromatic Blur: Half the chromatic blur of carbon grids
Nanometer-Scale Pores: Allow stable suspension of nanoscale materials for imaging without background
Silicon Composition: Sputter-deposited, pure, intrinsic silicon
Minimal Background Signal: Enables elemental analyses of samples containing nitrogen and/or carbon









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