Potassium Sodium Tartrate, Tetrahydrate Reagent, A.C.S.

commonly known as Rochelle: It is an ingredient in Fehling’s solution (reagent to reduce sugars)

Unit : 100g


(Sodium Potassium Tartrate) KNaC4H4O6·4H2O

F.W. 282.22       CAS #6381-59-5             Assay 99.0-102.0% Water 21.0-27.0%

Used with bismuth subnitrate for staining polysaccharides, including glycogen without oxidizing agents. Shinji, Y., et al (1975). A new electron microscopic histo-cyto chemical staining method: demonstration of glycogen particles. Acta Histochem., Cytochem., 8:139 i

Info+: Potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate, also known as Rochelle salt, is a double salt of tartaric acid first prepared (in about 1675) by an apothecary, Pierre Seignette, of La Rochelle, France. Potassium sodium tartrate and monopotassium phosphate were the first materials discovered to exhibit piezoelectricity.

. MSDS                           Storage : RT


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