Potter-Elvehjem Safe-Grind® Tissue Grinder Peste only

All features are the same as 64792-series, with the addition of an exterior plastic coated glass mortar for greater safety.

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Wheaton Safe-Grind plastic coated tissue grinders afford an added measure of safety over uncoated glass tissue grinders. The heavy plastic coating protects the mortar from becoming scratched or checked, and assures you of grip. The transparent coating allows an unobstructed view of the homogenate during grinding. The grinders are fully autoclavable.?

Additional information

Size, mL

2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 55

Mortar OD x Length mm

11 x 45, 13 x 66, 16 x 74, 19 x 94, 24 x 118, 30 x 130

Overall Length

203, 219, 266




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