Goldner’s Trichrome Method kit

Kit various stain solutions.

For connective tissue stains – Elastic tissue stain. Stain with a poly-acid step.

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Stain results:

Nuclear chromatin:   Brownish-Black
Cytoplasm:   Bright Red
Erythrocytes:   Orange
Muscle:   Red
Collagen:   Green
MSDS 26386-01 MSDS 26386-02 MSDS 26386-03 MSDS 26386-04
MSDS 26386-05 MSDS 26386-06 MSDS 26386-07  

Luna, Lee G. Histopathologic Methods and Color Atlas of Special Stains and Tissue Artifacts. Johnson Printers, Downerts Grove, IL pp 151-152, c 1992

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500 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml


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