Silver Nitrate, Reagent, A.C.S.

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AgNO3 F.W. 169.89 CAS #7761-88-8
Assay 99.9+%
A.C.S. Specifications:

Substances not precipitated by HCl-max 0.010%
Sulfate max 0.0002%
Copper max 0.0002%
Iron max 0.0002%
Lead max 0.001%

References for Silver stain:
– Swift, J.A. (1968). The electron histochemistry of cystine-containing proteins in thin transverse sections of human hair. J.R. Microsc. Soc. 88,449.
– Thiery, J.P. (1967). Mise en evidence des Polysaccharides sur coupes fines en microscopie eletronique. J. Microsc. (Paris) 6,987.
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– Hermandez et al., (1968)). Periodic acid-chromic acid-methenamine silver technique for glycoprotein detection in the electron microscope. J. Histochem. Cystochem. 16, 507.
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– Braak, H., and Braak, E. (1982). A simple procedure for electron microscopy of Golgi-impregnated nerve cells. Neurosci. Lett. 32,1.


Storage : RT

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