Tapered Tissue Grinder With Stainless Steel Rod Pestle

Teflon pestle with stainless steel rod firs power homogenizer
Homogenizes soft tissue such as brain
Mortar made from Wheaton 333 low extractable borosilicate glass
Interchangeable components

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This unit is the same as the 64796-series, but with a Teflon® pestle for soft tissues. The stainless steel rod is 0.25″ (6.3 mm) diameter and is suit for use with Wheaton Overhead Stirrer.

Additional information

Size, mL

1, 3, 5, 15

Mortar OD x Length mm

1, 11 x 86, 13 x 93, 18 x 114

Overall Length

130, 220, 240




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