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Handle delicate miniature objects without scratching, breaking or pinching. The system avoids contamination of parts and performs functions that tweezers does such as sorting, picking up, holding, carrying, and transferring. As well it is an alter-native way for handling cover slips without the use of forceps.

– Picks up grids faster and easier than tweezers – WARNING: Never use this device on coated grids
– Quiet operation
– Eliminates all tweezer damage to grids
– Good suction (produces 14″ Hg vacuum and an air flow of 125 cubic inches/minute); Can pick up aluminum stubs
– Can be used as a tool to pick up glass slides, cover slips, wafers, thin film samples, etc

Double-insulated (115-120V, 60Hz, 2-wire). Light weight, completely assembled and ready for immediate operation as soon as the proper tip is selected and installed. Vacuum is created at the tip by placing the finger over the control hole on the anodized aluminum vacuum pen. To break the vacuum, just remove your finger from the hole.

Vacuum Pick-up System includes:
Vacuum Pick-up System complete set: Vacuum Generator, Aluminum Vacuum Pen, Five Vacuum Tips, Set of eight Rubber Vacuum Cups (size ranging: ⅝”, 9/16″, ½”, 7/16″, ⅜”, 5/16″, ¼” and 3/16″), an In-Line Filter, and 4 ft (122cm) of Vacuum Tubing.

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