Falcon™ Cell Strainers

These nylon meshed devices provide more uniform cell suspensions, and are a perfect tool for separating cells from either clumps or primary tissues. There is no longer a need to fabricate filters from gauze, cotton, paper or fabric. Cell strainers are compatible with 50 ml conical tubes (#64760 or #64762).

Available Options:


The strainers are available in 35, 40, 70 and 100 micron sizes. The 35 micron mesh comes in a sterile configuration and it is an integral part of the 6ml tube cap that can be used to collect the dissociated sample for downstream processing in instruments. Ideal for dissociating clumped cells in separation for cell counting or sub-culture, separating enzymatically dissociated cells from undigested tissue for the initiation of primary cell growing, tissue processing such as fixation, dehydration, and staining. Each strainer is individually wrapped and gamma sterilized, except for the 35-micron mesh which comes sterilized with a 6ml tube and is bulk-packed 25 per pack.

Additional information

Mesh size

35µm, 40µm, 70µm, 100µm



Fit Tube

6 ml, 50 ml


500, 25, 50, 10


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