Fat Stains in Supersaturated Alcohol

For fat and lipid stain.

ex: The oil red O (ORO) stain can identify neutral lipids and fatty acids in smears and tissues. Fresh smears or cryostat sections of tissue are necessary because fixatives containing alcohols, or routine tissue processing with clearing, will remove lipids. The ORO is a rapid and simple stain.

MSDS 26503-01 /MSDS 26503-02 MSDS 26503-03
MSDS 26503-04 MSDS 26503-05 MSDS 26503-06

Technical Data Sheet 

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Stain results:

Fat:   Deep orange-red with Oil Red O (lighter with
Sudan IV) Orange-yellow with Sudan II
Nuclei:   Blue
Erythrocytes:   Sometimes Green
Cytoplasm:   Lighter Green

Lillie, R.D.,Histopathologic Technical and Practical Histochemistry, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill, NY, 1965
Clark, G., (ed) Staining Procedures, 3rd edition, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, p. 149, c. 1973

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500 ml, 250 ml


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