Multi Task BEEM Capsule Holder

This Multi-Task BEEM Capsule Holder is an innovative holder designed to hold size “00” BEEM capsule during resin polymerization.

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This holder is also a perfect tool when embedding and polymerizing resin by microwave, especially when the embedment needs to be performed under water. The direct contact of the microwave energy to the resin inside the microwave is usually causes the resin to heat to quick and that leads to micro bubbles forming inside the resin block and this causes unknown damage to the tissues. To help eliminate this problem, the resin capsule should be immersed in the water bath during microwave irradiation of the resin. This ‘indirect contact’ of microwave energy to the resin will help the embedding block polymerize nicely and homogeneously and also avoids the overheating of the tissue.

Mold is machined from polyethylene block, comes in two parts: bottom part which holds the BEEM capsule, and the second part which is placed on top and is securd by two plastic screws to ensure the BEEM capsules are in place and capsule lid will not pop out during under water polymerization or microwave irradiation.

Accompanies is microwave transparent tray, which holds water and capsule holder for microwave processing.

Measures: 1⅛” L x 3″ W x 2″ H , accommodates 24 capsules.

You can order either the Multi-Task Capsule Holder only, or the set which includes one Capsule Holder and one Tray.

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