Tissue Processing Well; Netwell™

A modular and disposable system which can be used for the following procedures
The handling and processing of tissue slices
In immunocytochemical staining
In 3-dimensional tissue culture
In explant tissue culture
Home made devices are no longer necessary. These tissue processing wells are ready to fill all of your needs with the added convenience of being able to process up to 12 tissue specimens at one time (with one unit)

Available Options:


Netwell™ Inserts
The Netwell™ is a polystyrene insert fitted with a polyester mesh bottom for use in 6 and 12-well plates. Available in two mesh sizes and two diameters; the Netwells provide ultimate flexibility in retaining fragile tissues during processing and staining.

Netwell™ Carrier Kit
A set of carrier plates and handles for moving the Netwells in and out of the 6 or 12-well plates. The handle can be attached or detached to the plate at any time.

Netwell™ Reagent Tray
Thermo-formed polystyrene. Holds 150 ml of reagent solution. Netwells are trans-ferred to the reagent tray by the Carrier kit, where fixing and staining is performed. Reagent trays are available in white for colorimetric reaction contrast, and in black for better visibility of tissue sections.

The polyester mesh acts as a tissue carrier and strainer for immunocytochemical staining and biological and histological fixation. It avoids the risk of losing valuable samples associated with paint-brush transfer
For 3-D tissue culture, the sterile Netwell provides efficient media permeation and support to cultures grown in gels
As well, Sterile Netwells allow for easy processing of tissue explants and microcarrier-grown cells

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