Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Cryostat Disposable Blade Holders

Sakura Finetek

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Sakura Finetek

1. For Tissue-Tek II® Cryostat
Designed for use with Tissue-Tek II® Microtome/cryostat. Long lasting, easy-to-maintain. This stainless steel blade holder provides easy access to the blade and the tissue section. A anti-roll device keep sections from curling. Built-in magnets facilitate blade positioning.

2. For AO/Reichert Cryostat
Designed for AO/Reichert cryostat microtome. It has a right mounted plate to accommodate its off-center blade position and anti-roll device and fits older AO/Reichert cryostat models.

3. Universal Cryostat Holder
Designed to fit IEC, Bright, Leitz, Shandon-Lipshaw and other models. It features a centered blade fixing plate, an anti-roll device. All the above Holders comes with a black resin coated faceplate which offers better visualization of specimens. Each set includes a blade holder, one disposable blade (#63068-LP), maintenance tools, replacement anti-roll plate and storage case.

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