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TorrLube ExtremeGrease  30ml  Syringe

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Answering the call for an incredibly high speed bearing grease that could handle demanding vacuum environments we created our PzH grease. Following in the footsteps of the classic, and now extinct, Andok C, we produced a high speed bearing grease with the same, and often better, characteristics of the original Andok C. 
Our PzH is a grade 3 Lithium Complex Hydrocarbon grease that feels buttery to the touch, is dark amber brown in color, and is used for high speed bearing applications that require an incredibly quiet, no rumble, grease. Known for its excellent channeling characteristics, PzH grease will improve bearing performance by reducing the amount of torque necessary to get the bearing moving and therefore keeping the internal temperatures lower. All TorrLube oils and greases are proudly made in the USA.



TorrLube ExtremeGrease is an advanced high vacuum grease that is chemically inert, nontoxic, nonflammable, and very smooth for an NLGI #2 grease.

Translucent white in color and buttery to the touch,

TorrLube ExtremeGrease uses our popular TLC 10 high vacuum, high temperature oil combined with an advanced lubricating, high heat, PTFE to create a vacuum grease with ultra-low outgassing, extreme temperature use, and excellent lubricating capabilities. TorrLube ExtremeGrease has exceptional anti-wear properties and good shear stability that will help extend the life cycle of rolling element bearings. TorrLube ExtremeGrease shows superior chemical resistance to the aggressive chemicals used in Semiconductor applications, while also being non-toxic and displaying low acute toxicity. Applications TorrLube ExtremeGrease was developed for applications that require a high temperature, low outgassing, lubricating grease that doesn’t react with fuels, oxidizers, elastomers, most metals, or the harsh chemicals used in Semiconductor applications. TorrLube Extreme Grease is an excellent choice for lubricating fine mechanical devices, conditioning O-rings, and rolling element bearings.

Note: Although TorrLube ExtremeGrease is intrinsically inert, testing of material compatibility is always recommended, especially in severe operating conditions. Made in the USA

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