Alcian Blue Solution

Acid (simple, or non-sulfated) – Are the typical mucins of epithelial cells containing sialic acid. They stain with PAS, Alcian blue at pH 2.5, colloidal iron, and metachromatic dyes. They resist hyaluronidase digestion. Acid (simple, mesenchymal) – These contain hyaluronic acid and are found in tissue stroma.

We now offer a complete line of prepared, ready-to-use, high quality staining solutions for all standard staining procedures used by the Biological Staining Commission and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.
All solutions and concentrations are packaged and prepared in convenient and precise quantities.
Premixed ready-to-use; saves you time and effort     Consistently uniform results are obtained
For a partial list of all of our stains, please see the Stains Chart and for descriptions of the stains, see chemicals section.

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