Oil Red in Propylene Glycol Method

stain results

Fat:   Red
Nuclei:   Blue


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Place in absolute propylene glycol for 2-5 minutes to avoid carrying water into Oil Red O. Stain in pre-warmed Oil Red O solution for 8-10 minutes in 60 ºC oven. Differentiate in 85% propylene glycol solution for 2-5 minutes. Rinse in 2 changes of distilled water.

MSDS 26504-01 MSDS 26504-02 MSDS 26504-2A MSDS 26504-03
MSDS 26504-04 MSDS 26504-05 MSDS 20350  

AFIP Manual of Histologic Staining Methods, Ed. L. Luna, 3rd ed., New York, McGraw-Hill Publications, c. 1968, p. 140



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500 ml, 450 ml


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