Cellattice™ – Micro-Ruled Plastic Cell Culture Surfaces

Measure the Same Cell: Cell cycle, axon growth and differentiation Direct Cell Count: Proliferation and cytotoxicity without removing attached cells

Size Thickness Grid Area Pack
25 mm Dia 0.12 – 0.16 mm 10 x 10 mm 50


Cellattice™ micro-ruled Plastic Cell Culture Surfaces consists of a cell culture surface with microscopic identification and measurement markers. It is manufactured with high optical quality plastic suitable for phase contrast and other standard cell-based assay measurement techniques. Cell cultures on the Cellatice™ are identifiable within 25 micrometers.
The built-in markers on the Cellattice allow direct measurement of cell growth and movement without image acquisition. Same cell or cell clusters can be measured throughout the time course of the experiment, even after each incubation period.
Cellatice™ can be used to monitor morphology, cell movement and differentiation at the individual cell level. Cell proliferation is measured directly with multiple reading.
Cellattice™ Coverslips and Slides
Measure axon growth directly without image acquisition and image analysis
Count Cells after attachment
Measure cell proliferation directly with multiple readings without detaching
Monitor same cell or cell cluster for morphology, cell movement and differentiation

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