Wilder Modification of Bielschowsky’s Method

Wilder (1935)
For the staining of Collagen and reticulum.

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info+       https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1179/his.2005.28.2.99?journalCode=yhis20

Stain results:

Reticulum Fibers (If beading is observed and/or a dark
background, replace the ammonium hydroxide silver

Nitrate solution and the reducing solution):   Black
Collagen:   Rose
Other Tissue Elements:   Red


MSDS 26392-01 MSDS 26392-02 MSDS 26392-03 MSDS 26392-04
MSDS 26392-06 MSDS 26392-07 MSDS 26392-08 MSDS 26392-09

Wilder, H.C., Amer. J. Clin. Path.: 11:817, 1935
Mallory, F.B.: Pathological Techniques, Phil., W.B. Saunders & Co. c. 1938
AFIP Manual of Hitological Staining Techniques, NY, McGraw-Hill Publ., c. 1968/3rd ed, p. 92

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250 ml, 500 ml


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