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25 ml.

Relative molecular mass: 265.4
Molecular formula: C15H27N3O
CAS number: 90-72-2

Please see DMP-30. MSDS

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25ml dark bottle

(2,4,6-Tri(dimethylaminomethyl) phenol)
F.W. 265.0  

CAS #90-72-2
Specific Gravity: 0.973 @ 25°C/25°C
Refractive Index @25°C :1.514
A tertiary amine, used as an accelerator for anhydride cures. One of the most popular accelerators available! Keep as dry as possible. Short shelf life. Use as fresh as possible

DMP-30 is one of the most commonly used epoxy curing accelerators. It is widely used in curing agent systems such as aliphatic amines, aromatic amines, polyamides, polyether amines and acid anhydrides. It mainly accelerates the reaction and reduces the reaction temperature.

DMP-30 is commonly used in epoxy resin coatings, adhesives and other industries, and its addition amount is generally 5-10% of curing agent.

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    Agent de durcissement époxyde – comme DMP30

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