Acid Pump/Reagent Dispenser

Dispense dangerous liquids safely and easily – no pouring!
Fits many different containers, including: 2.5 liter, 4 liter, 5 pint (80 fl. oz), ½ gallon, 1 gallon.
– Reduces spills and potential for breakage and injury
– Two adapters included for short neck bottles
Large bottle (pictured) not included.



– Dispenser Body: Threads directly to bottles with GPS No. 38-430 or 38-400 threads
– Outlet Tube: A short length of ⅜” diameter polyethylene tube is supplied for the outlet
– Polyethylene Tubing: ¼” O.D. included. Cut to required length and insert into the underside of the dispenser body

Light pressure on the relief valve button on top of the dispenser quickly stops the flow of liquid.
Rapid but light finger tip squeezes on the small bottle will start fluid dispensing from the short tube.


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