Araldite 502 Kit

Luft’s Formula. Polymerization takes place overnight so blocks can be sectioned the next day.

J. Biochem. Biophy. Cytol. 9, 409 (1961).

Kit consist of:  
450 ml Araldite 502 MSDS_10900
450 ml DDSA; Specially Distilled MSDS_13710
*50 ml DMP-30 MSDS_13600

Unit  : kit

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Technical Tips : General Tips for Embedding Media KitsTechnical Tips: General Tips for Embedding Media Kits –TTip_Epoxy Resins_Problems_Causes_and SolutionsTTip_The_Storing_of_Embedding_Resin_MixturesTTip_Preparation of Embedding MixturesTTip_DMP_30 and DMAE VS BDMA *Please note that wherever DMP-30 is listed as the accelerator in our embedding media kits you have the option to use BDMA in place of it. BDMA is less viscous, has a longer shelf life, and offers better penetration (it should be noted, however, that in order to achieve the optimum results when using BDMA in place of DMP-30 you must vary the amount. DMP-30: 1.5-2%; BDMA: 2.5-3%). Technical Data Sheet : Araldite 502 Kit Storage : RT


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