EM-Tec C38 strong conductive carbon cement, 25g bottle


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EM-Tec C38 is a strong conductive carbon cement based on fine carbon black and graphite flakes with an acrylic binder. EM-Tec C38 exhibits excellent bonding properties on a large variety of materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics, epoxies, rubber, glass, wood and textiles. Ideally suited for making grounding paths and to bond SEM samples on sample stubs. The tough acrylic binder reduces material loss; can be used to make permanent bonds. It has the consistency of a thin paste. Dries relatively quickly, depending on thickness; drying goes quicker with moderate heat up to 65°C. Can be used on flexible surfaces. Solvent is acetone, solution contains approximately 15% carbon black and graphite, acrylic based binder. EM-Tec C38 shows enhanced conductivity when dry. Supplied in a 30cc glass bottle with 25g contents and separate brush.


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