EM-Tec F25 filter disc holder for Ø25mm filters, Ø14mm JEOL stub



The EM-Tec filter disc holders are developed to hold flat discs type filters to enable SEM / EDS analysis. The EM-Tec filter disc holders comprise of two parts; a flat base plate to hold the filter disc and a cap which acts as clamping ring to keep the filter flat on the base. The cap is secured with three screws at the side of the base plate. The base plate and clamping ring are made from vacuum aluminium; the screws are made form stainless steel. The EM-Tec filter disc holders are available for 13, 25, 35 and 47mm filter discs. Custom diameters can be made on request. The edge of the cap has a 45° angle to avoid contribution of aluminium to the EDS spectra. The EM-Tec filter disc holders enable SEM / EDS analysis of particles, fibres and debris on the filters. They are available with:

– standard pin to fit on SEM using the standard pin; FEI, Philips, Tescan, Phenom, Aspex, RJLee, AmRay, Cambridge Instruments, Leica, CamScan, Aspex, ETEC and Novascan SEMs.
– M4 threaded hole; compatible with Hitachi SEMs, FESEMs and table top SEMs and with the EM-Tec versatile SEM stage adapters
– Ø14mm JEOL stub compatible with JEOL and EM-Tec stage adapters with a Ø14mm connection

Additionally available is the EM-Tec XL 100 multi-filter holder, which has been developed to hold up to 4 filter disc holders in the SEM chamber. The EM-Tec XL 100 is available for filter disc holders with pin stubs or M4 threaded holes.


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