EM-Tec HJ25 Hitachi M4 adapter for Ø25mm JEOL stubs, M4



EM-Tec HJ25 Hitachi M4 adapter for holding the Ø25mm JEOL stubs. Can also be used to hold the Hitachi Ø25mm stub or Ø25mm/1inch metallographic mounts. Set screw is used to secure the cylinder stubs. Machined from vacuum grade aluminium stubs. Overall size is Ø34x10mm. Includes allen key.

For Hitachi M4 adapters for using different stubs in Hitachi SEMs and Hitachi table top SEMs

With the EM-Tec SEM stub adapters, you can use the standard pin stubs and JEOL SEM stubs on the Hitachi tabletop SEMs. Quick, no need to re-mount the sample and sample integrity is safe. Also useful for using calibration standard which can be mounted on a different stub. Recommended SEM stub adapters are:


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