EM-Tec Versa-Plate S25 bracket, including screws, 25x10x13mm



The EM-Tec Versa-Plate adaptable SEM sample holders consists of a flat base plate with multiple M4 threaded holes and a set of movable sample holding brackets. The brackets can be positioned at any of the M4 threaded holes to perfectly suit the size and shape of the sample. Each bracket can be rotated a fully 360° and is fastened on the base plate with an M4 screw. The brackets include an M3 stainless thumb screws to secure the sample. The multiple bracket position capability makes this one of the most versatile SEM sample holders. The base plates of the EM-Tec Versa-Plate sample holders are made from stress-free, vacuum grade, aluminium tooling plate to maintain flatness. All screws on the brackets are made from non-magnetic stainless steel. Each holder is supplied complete with base plate, brackets, M4 screws and M3 thumb screws. Additional brackets and thumb screws are optionally available. The EM-Tec Versa-Plate sample holders are ideally suited for:
– Large and/or awkwardly shaped samples
– Industrial products
– Forensic artefacts
– Failure analysis
– Non-symmetrical samples
– Multiple samples


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