Fast Green FCF, Certified, C.N. #DcGf-12

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(Food Green 3)
C37H34O10N2S3Na2 F.W.808.86 CAS #2353-45-9

4.0% Water; 9.0% Alcohol; 8.0% Cellosolve; 6.25% Glycol; 0.0% Xylene

The main advantage of this dye is its resistance to fading. Mammalian tissue stain for visualizing collagen, muscle, cystoplasma, cells and cornified epithelium. Kornhauser, Stain Tech., 18,95 (1943); 20, 23 (1945); Lillie, Arch. Path., 29, 705 (1940). Modified Feulgen stain for visualizing chromosomes in root tips and other meristematic tissue. DeTomasi, Stain Tech., 11, 137 (1936). Used in plant histology. O. Conn, “Biological Stains” 9th ed., Williams & Wilkens Co., Baltimore, 1977, pp. 252-3; Haynes, Stain Tech., 3, 40 (1928).



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