FLOWMI™ Cell Strainers (40µm Porosity)

Disposible Cell Strainers for P1000 pipette tips (40 microns).
These unique cell strainers provide quick and efficient filtering of small volume samples (up to 1000µl) prior to FLOW or FACS Analysis.** FLOWMI™ is compatible with most 1000µl tips including Fisherbrand Sure-One, VWR brand, Axygen, Nichiryo, Eppendorf, and more. FLOWMI™ strainers are sterile and packaged in re-sealable, zip-style bag. Product sterility can be maintained when opened and re-sealed in a laminar flow hood. Compact, covered tray holds 50 FLOWMI™ strainers oriented for direct press and fit attachment to the pipette tip.

Unit : 50/pk


Preserve volume when filtering small samples
Decrease the potential for clogging of FLOW or FACS* instruments by effectively filtering cellular debris
Tray features a sliding cover for easy, one handed use
Patent pending
* FACS is a registered trademark of
Becton-Dickinson Corporation.
** FLOWMI™ is recommended for use with samples having a maximum concentration of 2 mm cells/ml.

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