Gelatin, Powder, U.S.P.

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CAS #9000-70-8 Solubility: 12% in H2O at 20°C pH (1% in H2O): 3.5-5.0 Residue after ignition: <2% Type A-from Porcine skin (acid cured tissue) Type B-from Bovine skin (base cured tissue) The strength of the gel is based on the bloom number. The higher the bloom number the stronger the gel. – Used as a combination Acrylamide-Gelatin-Jung resin for cryosectioning of large and soft tissues (eggs, fishes, insects) Hartmann, R. (1984). A new embedding medium for cryosectioning eggs of high yolk and lipid content. Eur. J. Cell Biol., 34:206 – Used to prepare gelatin-chrome alum adhesive to coat glass slides for mounting semi-thin sections for staining.

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