hybex Media Storage Bottle, 50 ml, GL32 Blue Caps

Unit : 10/pk


hybex™ reusable media bottles are manufactured from high quality, borosilicate 3.3 glass. They feature superior chemical resistance and are ideal for the storage of reagents, culture media, biological fluids and many other aqueous and nonaqueous solutions. All hybex bottles have permanent white enamel graduations for volume measurment, along with a white identification box for coding or marking. With a low coefficient of thermal expansion (3.3), these bottles can withstand temperatures from -70 to 500°C. This allows for repeated use in freezers, microwaves, autoclaves and dry heat sterilization chambers. They include a drip-free sealing ring, as well as a standard blue polypropylene (GL45) sealing cap*. Bottles are available with green, purple, white or yellow caps, or in an assortment pack containing two of each color. The starter pack (Cat. #64255-07) includes two 100 ml, three 250 ml, three 500 ml, and two 1L bottles. Spécifications

Material hybex™ Borosilicate Glass (3.3)
Cap Thread Size GL45*
Temperature Range -70° to 500°C
Sterilization Autoclave or Dry heat
Cap Material Polypropylene (140°C)
Cap Colors Blue Green Purple Yellow White Assorted

* 50ml bottles are supplied with Blue GL32 sealing caps  

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10/pk, 5/pk


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