Indigo Carmine, Certified, C.N. #DcI-7

Unit : 25g

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(Acid Blue 74; Carmine Blue; Indigotine 1, 1A)
C16H8N2O8S2Na2 F.W.466.36 CAS #860-22-0
Dye content: approx. 85%
Solubility: 1.3% Water; 0.0% Alcohol; 4.0% Cellosolve; 2.85% Glycol; 0.0% Xylene
Shunway’s stain for animal embryos. Used with Acid Fuchsin for staining Negri bodies. Stain Tech., 5, 34 (1928)
Counterstain to Hematoxylin for staining vaginal smears. Am. J. Anat., 61, 505 (1937).

Storage : RT


Technical Tip : Achieving Maximum Contrast with Stain
When a stain is applied both en-bloc and as a post-stain for thin sections, maximum contrast will be achieved.


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