KENDALL Treated Pipette Tips – 0.5 -10µl Crystal/Eppendorf Tips-Natural

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Low Binding Polymer Technology
A manufacturing process that binds a perfluorooctyl polymer to polypropylene resin – resulting in an exposed trifluoromethyl surface.
Precision and accuracy are increasingly important in molecular biology labs. A pipetter can be 99% accurate and precise, but the tip can com-promise performance by retaining or binding a sample. KENDALL’s low binding tips ensure accuracy and precision by bonding a proprietary polymer to the resin.

 – Reduces the surface energy of liquid and repels any substance
 – Not detectable/Non-reactive
 – Extracted only by a fluorinated solvent
 – Autoclaving will not compromise performance
 – Available in convenient hinged racked package
 – Tips and racks are fully autoclavable

B.0.5 -10µl Crystal/Eppendorf Tips-Natural
 – Fits Eppendorf ultra micro pipetters
 – Extended length reaches bottom of tubes without contaminating the pipettor shaft
 – Available bulk (not treated), racked and racked sterile (low binding)

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1000/bag – Bulk, 10 racks/case (96 tips/rack), 10 racks/case (96 tips/quickrack), 2 racks of 96 per case


No, Yes

Low Retention

No, Yes


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