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409™ Super Bonder®
For a general-purpose gel adhesive, clear, gap fills 0.010″; surface insensitive Ethyl, tensile shear strength 3,200 psi, and temperature range -65°F to 180°F. Cure speed: fixture – 75 seconds, full – 24 hours.

454™ Prism®
For use with porous surfaces, clear, gap fills 0.010″, surface insensitive Ethyl, gel type, tensile shear strength 3200 psi, temperature range -65°F to 180°F. Cure speed: fixture – 15 seconds, full – 24 hours.

4861™ Prism®
For use with flexible surfaces, clear, gap fill 0.008″, surface flexible Alkyl, viscosity 4,000 cP, tensile shear strength 2465 psi, temperature range -65°F to 212°F. Cure speed: fixture – 25 seconds, full – 24 hours.

349™ Impruv®
For bond glass/metal, appearance: clear/straw, cure type: UV, viscosity: 9,500cP, shore hardness: D70, temperature range: –65°F to 266°F.

4011™ Prism®
4011 is designed for the assembly of difficult-to-bond materials, such as wood, paper, leather and fabric. Suitable for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices. The product provides rapid bonding of a wide range of materials, including metals, plastic and lastomers. Cure speed: 2 to 20 seconds depending on the material.
Chemical type: Ethyl cyanoacrylate, transparent, colorless to straw colored fluid. One part required no mixing. Low-viscosity (100 cP). Cure by humidity, and temperature range -65°F to 180°F.







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3g tube, 20g, 50 ml


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