Methenamine Silver Method for Argentaffin Cells

For the staining of argentaffin granules of enterochromaffin cells.

Technical Data Sheet

MSDS 26481-01 MSDS 26481-02 MSDS 26481-03 MSDS 26481-04 MSDS 26481-06 MSDS 26481-07

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Stain results:

Argentaffin Cells:   Black
Coarse connective tissue of the submucosa:   Variable amount of
blackening by 3–31 ⁄2 hr. of impregnation
Granules of eosinophil leukocytes, nuclei,
smooth muscle & surface epithelium:
  show additional blackening
after incubation beyond 3–31 ⁄2 hr.
Granules of mast cells:   Remain red after nuclei &
reticulum are blackened

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Gomori, G., Arch. Path., 45:48, 1948.
Burtner, H.J. and Lillie, R.D., Stain Techn., 24:225-7, 1949.

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