Polyethylene Disposable Pipettes – Narrow Stem Pipets – Sedi-Pet® bis

These Micro-tip pipets are ideal for loading gels, DNA sample removal, protein assays, lipids extractions, drop-wise additions to culture plates, using 2 ml auto sampler vials, remove or disperse small volumes etc.

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Polyethylene Disposable Pipettes – The Value Choice – ISI-9001
Sterile and non-sterile
Low-affinity surface
Attached bulb avoids cross-contamination
One step biohazard disposable

Narrow Stem Pipets – Sedi-Pet®
These pipets are ideal for Technique control such as loading gel, PCR workDNA sample removal, protein assays, lipid extractions, atomic absorption spectroscopy-reagent prep, reaction chamber, storage ampoule, portable aliquoting, etc.
Available in bulk pack non-sterile, and sterile individually packed

Cat Lenght cm Stem Dia Overall Cap Bulb draw Drops/ml
D70964-21 6.4 2.5 1.2 0.9 25
D70964-22 8.5 2.5 4.0 3.0 25
D70964-23 15.5 2.5 4.6 3.3 25

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