Screw Top Specimen Containers with Lids

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You can have confidence that these containers are designed for the safe, leak-resistant transport and storage of fluids. Screw-top containers have knurled cap and base for easy handling. They are graduated and made of durable clarified polypropylene. Larger snap-top containers are made of HDPE.

Clarified polypropylene. Sizes include lids.

Options disponibles :


# Capacity Diameter Height Pack
D64231-01 20 ml 1⅝” 1¼” 800/cs
D64231-02 40 ml 1-9/16″ 1-11/16″ 400/cs
D64231-03 60 ml 2-5/16″ 1-11/16″ 500/cs
D64231-04 90 ml 3″ 2.3″ 300/cs
D64231-05 120 ml 3-1/16″ 2″ 200/cs
D64231-06 180 ml 2-11/16″ 2-9/16″ 150/cs
D64231-07 240 ml 3½” 2½” 150/cs
D64231-08 500 ml 4⅜” 3⅜” 80/cs
D64231-09 1000 ml 5⅜” 4-5/16″ 50/cs

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800/cs, 400/cs, 500/cs, 300/cs, 200/cs, 150/cs, 80/cs, 50/cs


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