SEM pin stub Ø100 diameter top, standard pin, aluminium

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We offer a comprehensive choice of standard pin stubs to support virtually all applications. The standard SEM pin stubs are compatible with Thermo Fisher, FEI, Philips, Tescan, Phenom, Aspex, RJLee, AmRay, Cambridge Instruments, Leica, CamScan, Aspex, ETEC and Novascan SEMs. They are made from vacuum grade aluminium. They are machined according to the original manufacturer’s specifications and dimensions. The flat pin stubs from 12.7mm to 38mm diameter are grooved for easy and clean handling. The most used pin stubs are the Ø12.7 mm and the Ø25.4 mm pin stubs. Pins are all 3.2mm diameter with a length of either 8mm or 9.5mm. The Ø12.7 mm pin stubs are also available in brass, copper and high purity carbon.

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