Shell , Vials , Clear Glass, Plain Top

These vials are optically clear with straight-sides. Made from Type1, N-51A borosilicate glass. Fixation, dehydration, and infiltration procedures can be done in the same vial. The larger size vials can be used as an embedding media mixture container or for sample storage. The vials come with polyethylene open bottom snap-caps, Titeseal®, which are packed separately. Except the 4-dram size vial which comes without a closure. We recommend the use of our cork stoppers.

Options disponibles :


# Capacity (ml) OD (mm) Hgt (mm) Pack
D72630-05 ½ dr. (1.8ml) 12 35 144
D72631-10 1 dr. (3.7ml) 15 45 144
D72631-20 2 dr. (7.4ml) 19 51 144
D72631-30 3 dr. (11.1ml) 19 65 144
D72631-40 4 dr. (14.8ml)* 21 70 144
D72631-70 7 dr. (25.9ml) 29 65 144
D72628-50 Cork to fit 4 dram 1¼” by 57/64″ 144

*caps are not available

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