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The WillCo-dish®KIT (“KIT”) dishes, of which we have four (4) types in polystyrene (PS) and all four in both “transparent” as well as in “black walled” dishes, we designed to offer Scientists the opportunity, to use any chosen “material – as well as different thicknesses”, for the bottom of a “WillCo® dish”.
As a standard, we offer our (German glass) Borosilicate cover slips, in Thickness: # 1.0 (130-160 micron), as well as # 1.5 (160-190 micron).

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The WillCo-dish®KIT Glass Bottom dishes are composed of several components, each of the highest quality of their kind. Below please find a summery and description of these components.

 1- Dish (Polystyrene or polycarbonate surrounds and -lids, clean room molded, 500 units each)
 2- Pressure sensitive Double Sided [Medical] Adhesive rings, FDA approved (500 units). This DSA-Adhesive reaches its maximum bonding quality after 4 hours, at room temperature
 3- Glass coverslips: German glass, 0.17 mm. – # 1.5 coverslips (500 units). Other thicknesess available on request
 4- One pair of tweezers, to protect fingers from these thin, razor-sharp glass coverslips
 5- Optional: Round, anodized, aluminum “Assembly Devices” for a quick, accurate and safe positioning and assembly of the glass coverslip and the adhesive ring

Assembly Device
Note: The 2 part aluminum ASSEMBLY DEVICE comes separate, because you need to purchase it only once per type, in a life time.
Again, using an ASSEMBLY DEVICE with the KIT-dishes makes assembling these fine dishes “easy, accurate and safe”, also saving a lot of time and funds. The (glass) bottom of the WillCo-dish®KIT dishes is always flush with the warming-stage and flat, a requirement for High Quality Imaging.
These features ensure even distribution of the temperature inside the dish, as well as great imaging results.

 Ordering Information
All kits are packed with dish, glass, and adhesive rings.

cat # Size (mm) Aperture Dia Packed Material
D70665-20 50 x 20 12 mm glass 2 Parts Glass, Adhesive Aluminium
D70665-21 50 x 20 22 mm glass 2 Parts Glass, Adhesive Aluminium
D70665-22 60 x 20 40 mm glass 2 Parts Glass, Adhesive Aluminium

Technical Data Sheet : Willco-dish®KIT dishes

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