EMS Multi-Well Embedding Mold

This unique silicone mold comes in 3 different types of silicone, clear, white and blue, and has 2 different cavity sizes to meet all of your embedding needs.

2 Troughs: 1″ L x ⅛” W x ⅛” D
14 Cavities: ¼” L x ½” W x ⅛” D
1 Trough: 2¾” L x 3/32″ W x ⅛” D
10 Cavities: ⅜” L x ¾” W x ⅛” D

Each cavity has an alpha-numeric marking, A1-A7, B1-B7, C1-C5, D1-D5

Overall mold measures: 4¾” L x 3″ W x ¼” H (121 x 76 x 6 mm)

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