Focusing Eyepiece

Huygenian Eyepiece X 7

Kellner Eyepiece x 10

Kellner Type Eyepiece (Wide Field x10)

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Huygenian Eyepiece X 7
Composed of two plano convex lenses, separated by an air space. The image plane is between the two lenses. The top lens is adjusted to bring the graticule into focus.

Field of view: 5mm diameter
Graticule: 16mm diameter
Reference No.: F7

Kellner Eyepiece x 10
The F10 eyepiece, which fits most standard monocular microscopes, is specially designed to receive eyepiece graticules of 16mm diameter. This allows the graticule to be brought into sharp focus when superimposed on the object image, which is often difficult to achieve with fixed focus eyepieces. The graticule is held by a screw-on retaining ring and is easily removed for cleaning or replacement for another pattern.
Composed of a convex lens and an achromatic lens. The image plane is below the lens elements. The use of an achromatic lens provides a larger field of view, better color correction and substantial eye relief. The top lens adjusts to focus on the graticule.

Field of view: 15mm diameter
Graticule: 16mm diameter
Reference No.: F10

Kellner Type Eyepiece (Wide Field x10)
With high eye point (useful for spectacle wearers). Non-focusing wide field.

Field of view: 18mm diameter
Graticule: 19mm diameter
Reference No. : F12

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