SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter

Full system with one illumination color consisting of :
– Lamp Base with Power Supply and International Plug Set
– Light Head – Ultraviolet, Violet, Royal Blue, Cyan, or Green
– Microscope Mounting adapter
– Barrier Filter
– Viewing Shield
– Padded Travel Case

Options disponibles :


Watch our brief (2:39) intro showing you how easy it is to add fluorescence to virtually any existing stereo microscope in about 30 seconds.


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The Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter is a complete solution for adding fluorescence to existing stereo microscopes. It includes everything you need for adapting (not converting) just about any stereo microscope. You can purchase any of the 6 modular wavelength combinations that you need now and add more at any time. And best of all – it’s just $1,095 to get started with the complete setup for one color.

A complete system with one excitation/emission combination includes just 6 items:
 –  Needed once:
1. Flexible gooseneck lamp base with control circuit
2. Power supply that operates from 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz and international plug set
3. Simple adapter that mounts on virtually any existing stereo microscope

 – Included in light + filter set:
1. LED light head
2. Barrier filter that attaches to the adapter with a simple magnetic click
3. Viewing shield made of matching filter material

You only need the first group one time. Wavelength combinations are supplied in a light + filter set consisting of a light head, barrier filter, and viewing shield in a custom foam-lined box. The light head and filters can be removed and replaced in seconds, and color coding ensures that you are using the right combination. All components are also available a la carte.

Wavelength sets
– Wavelength sets are named and color coded for the color of the excitation light, not the color of the emitted fluorescence.
– Uncertain what to use? Refer to our comprehensive table of fluorophores and recommended NIGHTSEA wavelength sets.

Designation Excitation Emission Filter
UV – Ultraviolet 360 – 380nm 415nm longpass
VI – Violet 400 – 415nm 450nm longpass
RB – Royal Blue 440 – 460nm 500nm longpass
RB-GO – Royal Blue, Green Only 440 – 460nm 500 – 560nm bandpass
CY – Cyan 490 – 515nm 550nm longpass
GR – Green 510 – 540nm 600nm longpass

– With the Royal Blue (RB) excitation we offer two barrier filters – longpass and bandpass. Read our article on selecting the right passband option for your application.
– We also offer a White light head (WH) for general white light illumination and as a focusing aid for fluorescence Imaging

Part Numbers
One-color complete setup
SFA-UV – Ultraviolet (360 – 380nm) excitation
SFA-VI – Violet (400 – 415nm) excitation
SFA-RB – Royal Blue (440 – 460nm) excitation with longpass filter
SFA-RB-GO – Royal Blue with green-only bandpass filter
SFA-CY – Cyan (490 – 515nm) excitation
SFA-GR – Green (510 – 540nm) excitation

Modular excitation/emission sets
SFA-LFS-UV – Ultraviolet excitation
SFA-LFS-VI – Violet excitation
SFA-LFS-RB – Royal Blue excitation
SFA-LFS-RB-GO – Royal Blue excitation with green-only bandpass filter
SFA-LFS-CY – Cyan excitation
SFA-LFS-GR – Green excitation

Modular white light head

High points
– Requires NO disassembly or modification to your microscope
– Installs in under a minute
– Power supply compatible with 110/220V, 50/60Hz, and comes with modular international plug set – US, EU, UK, AU
– Does not interfere with ordinary use – the barrier filters attach magnetically so they can be easily removed at any time
– No warm-up or cool-down required – true instant on/off
– Modular excitation/emission – purchase what you need, expand at any time
– Works with virtually every existing stereo microscope, regardless of age
– Components are color coded to avoid confusion
– Easily moved between microscopes
– Includes unique filter shield – dual function as eye protection and as a viewing filter
– Accessories to increase versatility (see below)
– Made in USA





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