Giemsa Solution, C.N.#DcGe-19

Giemsa’s staining solution (composed of methylene blue, azure and eosin) is one of the most popular microscopic stains, commonly used in hematology,

100 and 500ml

MSDS 15940

Technical Data Sheet 

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Glycerin (cas# 56-81-5):   61%
Methyl Alcohol (cas# 67-56-1):   38.3%
Azur II (cas# 37247-10-2) :   0.16%
Azur II Eosin (cas# 53092-85-6):   0.6%

Specific Gravity: 0.89

Differentiates types of leucocytes, bacteria and inclusion bodies.

Giemsa, Centralbl. F. Publ., Abt. 1,37, 308 (1904) Stain for thick blood films; shows malarial parasites. Barber and Komp, Publ. Health Rep., 44, 2330 (1929) Bone marrow and stain for showing cell morphology; together with May-Grunwald Solution for pap staining. Pappenheim, Folia Haemat., 13, 338 (1912)

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100 ml, 500 ml


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