Value-Tec DB3 long tip air blower / hand duster, 145 x Ø40 mm



The Value-Tec DB3 long tip air blower is made with an oval shaped rubber squeeze bulb, a 40mm long plastic tube tip and an internal non-return valve. The non-return valve ensures that th edust is blwon away from the tip and not sucked back into the bulb. The oval shaped bulb is smaller in diameter and more suitable for persons with small hands. Ecological and cost-effective alternative to cans with compressed gas. Ideaal for removing fine dust from optics, samples, parts, sample holders, apertures, filaments, screens, keyboards, etc. Delivers the air over a broader area than the fine tip air blower.Bulb dimensions are Ø40mm x 95mm, nozzle tip is Ø7.3 x 40 mm. Overall length is 145mm.


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